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                        SPARKLING YEAR

                    ncouraged by the successful launch of last   The Spanish Wine Market Observatory (Observatorio
                    year´s first edition 2017 Guía Peñín of Cava   Español del Mercado del Vino), institution analysing
              Eand Other Sparking Wines, we present you the   wine market behaviour, states that global sparkling
              2 edition of this handbook wich gains ground over   wine sales are led by Champagne, Prosecco and
              time among wine enthusiasts.        Cava. However, market sharing is clear: France leads
                                                  the market in terms of value while Italy controls the
                                                  trade in terms of volume (number of bottles). In the
              Sparkling wines are in fashion, not only in our country   meantime, Spain operates between both although it
              but also abroad. The reasons for global growth con-  is, currently, closer to volume numbers than those of
              sumption of sparkling wines are, mainly, their fresh   value. Nonetheless, this is a tendency we all wish to
              taste and versatility as they can be consumed all over   revert over the coming years.
              the year, at any time of the day.
                                                  There is a growing number of Spanish manufactu-
              This trend is not unique to Spain, other wine producer   ring regions that amend their specifications in order
              countries are equally witnessing an exceptional rise on   to incorporate this type of wines into their production
              sparkling winemaking. It happens in Italy, for example,   range, broadening the scope of grape varieties which,  CAVAS & OTRAS BURBUJAS
              with the Prosecco whose world consumption has be-  until relatively recent, were ruled exclusively by four
              come remarkable, particularly in the United Kingdom   varieties: xarel.lo, parellada, macabeo and chardonnay.
              and the United States.              Nowadays, it is not rare to find sparkling wines elabo-
                                                  rated with albariño or verdejo, for example.
                                                  In this context, readers may discover, within these
                                                  pages, over 1,000 references, naturally led by Cavas
                                                  brands, but with a rising number of wines sheltered
                                                  under the Classic Penedes’ hallmark together with the
                                                  global classification of “Sparkling Wines”. At the same
                                                  time, the number of sparkling wines which become
                                                  part of different denominaciones de origen increases.
                                                  Besides the tasting, rating and description of these
                                                  products, this guide includes further relevant infor-
                                                  mation around the diverse manufacturing sparkling
                                                  wines’ processes as well as helpful tips to best pre-
                                                  serve and enjoy them. Thus, we present you this book
                                                  hoping you will share our enthusiasm for wine and
                                                  specially, sparkling wine. Given wine plays an impor-
                                                  tant part on our history and culture, we should all learn
                                                  to enjoy it.
                                                  GUIA PEÑÍN


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